Rakshadeep Oraon 

There are few things that my zodiac sign says right, don’t know about others but these characteristics actually defines me:

  • She may seems innocent but she isn’t.

  • She to herself: Bitch you Stress me out.

  • She is very emotional person, masters at keeping her feelings inside.

  • Drawn to mysterious Types.


As a person I am cursed by the need to be all by myself yet awaiting to escape oneself. In the world where at the age of 13 people finding their passion and living their dreams, I 21 year old seems all confused about my life, pressurizing myself to do something meaningful and grateful. Also am a strange person with a hobby of collecting stones with zero interest in petrology. Believe in creating my own kind a fairy tale, definitely not a person who waits for the right time, I make the time right for myself.

We all know there is magic inside us, I too can feel the forest fairies within me yet to be discovered. In this chaotic world am out in search of my mysterious power because someone said “Greatest secrets are always hidden in most unlikely places”. With lots of imaginary characters hovering in my mind, I decided to share all of them with the world to seek answers to my questions, to give breath to each and every character in my head.

So, here I’m as your story teller, to entertain you all and share bits of my life too. Welcome to Her and mine world.